The Cost of Infertility: How to Navigate the Finances of IVF

By Erin Wood, Senior Vice President, Financial Planning and Advanced Solutions After my struggle with pregnancy issues, I was surprised by how quickly I found out I wasn’t alone. Friends, relatives, coworkers – people I’d known for years – were suddenly sharing with me a vital but private p …

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How I Got Started

Published by Annah Russell, Director of Operations I started in the financial industry when I was 21 years old.  I did it as a summer job to begin with then fell in love with the industry and have now been doing this for 16 years. I was originally a Kinesiology major and never pictured myse …

Good People Skills Are “Unnatural”

Published by Gayla Allen, Director of First Impressions Throughout my career I’ve been drawn to positions that provide an opportunity to meet and mingle with work peers and the public. Still, not all jobs that require people skills are a good fit for me; however, having fun at work while pr …

Have You Written Out Your Family Values?

Published by Robert W. Huntley, CFP®, CHFC®, CKA® Founder & Wealth Advisor My youngest is twenty-two and lives in Nashville, TN.  He called recently asking me to send him the list of the family values we kept on the refrigerator when he was growing up. I hung up the phone and smiled. He …

Threads In Time

Published by Robert W. Huntley, CFP®, CHFC®, CKA® Founder & Wealth Advisor I was talking last night with my Mother, Dr. Peggy Egger… She is doing great, still able to play golf so long as they are solo in their golf carts and use social distancing. I hope I have half of her energy …

When Your Child Becomes Independent

Published by Stephanie Wilson, Director of First Impressions Ever wonder what it is like to see your child become more independent? I experienced this recently when my son started driving his vehicle. My 20-year old son is on the autism spectrum. We had our doubts at first if he would be ab …

Consider Generosity

Published by Sidney Meriweather, Relationship Manager Headlines, social media posts, videos, and market updates are flooding my daily life right now. There are so many things going on from a worldwide pandemic that feels overwhelming to the effect that it’s having on the global economy. Sic …

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