Estate Planning

Legacy Planning

You work a lifetime saving and building your estate and then what? Once again, our mission of “Connecting Wealth with Purpose” comes into play here.

This is the realm of estate planning. Basic estate planning coordinates properly drawn wills, trusts, beneficiary designations and asset titling while considering the impact of income and estate taxes on your estate. We help you review and update the basics but are also experienced and capable of advising you on advanced techniques should they be helpful and appropriate.

Our Wealth Enhancement Team includes Attorneys, CPA’s and CFP’s who are capable of handling the most complex estates. Unlike many planners, we do not begin with the assumption that you simply want to drive taxes to a minimum so you can leave as much money as possible to your children. That may indeed be your goal but we would rather think more broadly by asking you to consider what you’d really like to see happen. Is there an amount you might leave to your children that is a blessing while going beyond that might become a curse? Are their causes or ministries you care about that you could have a leveraged impact on with some planning? Once you’re confident your family responsibilities and needs are funded would you like to think ‘outside the box’ on ways to bless others with the wealth you’ve accumulated?

The important driver in all our work is taking the time up front to have the thoughtful and thorough conversations with you and your family about what you really care about and want to accomplish in this area. We will work with your existing professionals or can refer you to experienced, qualified professionals upon request. Following your upfront planning we will often host family meetings to facilitate open family discussions around this sensitive topic so you are more comfortable knowing the people you care about have heard directly from you on your priorities, intentions and plans.

Having your affairs carefully thought out, properly structured, organized and simplified is the key to leaving your loved ones a blessed legacy rather than a complicated mess.