Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Investment Management Process

Clarity about your priorities and goals as an investor is important to your long term success. Having a steady hand on the wheel when things get scary is crucial.
We bring our clients focus and discipline when it comes to investment strategies. We offer multiple strategies with different objectives depending on what you are trying to pursue. Each strategy draws on some or all of the following factors in carrying out the intended investment objective:

  1. Economics – Regular review of macroeconomic trends
  2. Allocation – Portfolio construction with concentrated diversification
  3. Screening – Ongoing re-screening of positions used in the portfolios
  4. Tactical – Quantitative analysis to manage volatility & buy/sell decisions
  5. Hedging – Use of strategies designed to hedge against certain risks

Wisdom is simply the proper application of knowledge.

Your first step with us is to identify the rate of return needed to pursue your overall wealth management goals. We call that your “Family Index”.

The second step is to help you quantify your acceptable investment risk levels. Once we know the desired rate of return and your acceptable level of risk, the final step is to select the proper mix of investment strategies that can reasonably be expected to pursue your long term investment return goals.

Once your investment strategies are in place we will encourage you to turn off the 24/7 news cycles and go enjoy your life focused on the people and causes you really care about. We will closely monitor your investment strategies and report on your progress regularly with trust, transparency and accountability, alerting you to any significant developments.


Disciplined investment strategies