Wealth Planning

True Wealth and Financial Planning

Wise Counsel simplifies the complexities of managing wealth.

Our objective and unbiased approach, solid credentials and over 30-year history of client involvement to help invest and manage your wealth at and through retirement in a manner that reflects your individual goals, priorities and values.

Wealth Management Process

  1. Discovery – gather the information needed to understand you and your goals.
  2. Design – analyze your options in detail and create a list recommendations.
  3. Discuss – present our findings and discuss them thoroughly so you understand your options.
  4. Decide – guide you through the process of implementing the options you choose to implement.
  5. Deploy – monitor changes in your personal circumstances and externally that impact your plan and make adjustments as needed.

Our Comprehensive Wealth Management Team will work with you to create a plan to evaluate your current financial needs and analyze your family’s goals for the future. Your life is ever changing and regular reviews provide an opportunity to stress test your plan against your current financial resources. Also, our reviews provide an opportunity to discuss life changes which may take place in the near or distant future that may require adjustments to your plan. By leveraging powerful software systems, we can show you how changes impact to your plan such as: higher or lower expected portfolio returns, inflation, sale of a business, or a catastrophic illness. We also work with you to set a Family Index unique to your needs.


At Wise Counsel, we use your Family Index Number to determine the rate of return necessary on your portfolio assets to pursue your goals and objectives while maintaining resources during your anticipated lifetime.

The Family Index Number empowers you to focus on the only number that matters to you and your family. This number not only helps you to remain on track toward pursuing your individual goals and objectives, but helps you manage the anxiety associated with trying to track and interpret short-term market fluctuations.

Your personalized Family Index Number is developed by taking your unique goals, resources and circumstances into account and providing a truly relevant benchmark for gauging the performance of your portfolio. We believe a well-conceived plan that adheres to a disciplined process can be more effective for pursuing your objectives than meeting or exceeding a broad market index.

A broad index like the S&P 500 doesn’t take certain factors into account that play a significant role in determining your financial picture now and throughout your years in retirement. Your Family Index Number takes into consideration investment time frame, tax situation, life expectancy, lifestyle preferences, healthcare needs and the impact of inflation, among others.


When you reach a point in life where you know your retirement and basic financial needs are met, thoughts turn to legacy for those you love and the causes you are passionate about. At Wise Counsel we excel at thinking on this level with planning strategies designed to help you maximize your potential impact on the important people and causes in your life. Whether lifetime gifts or estate planning, this is one of the most complex areas in the wealth planning process. We are experienced and knowledgeable in advance estate and charitable planning strategies. This gets to the heart of what we mean in our mission statement “Connecting Wealth with Purpose” – Taking what God has blessed you with and designing a plan to meet your family responsibilities while exploring your options for blessing others from any abundance.