Our Story

Most people want to feel organized and confident about their finances.


But life moves fast, and things get complicated, especially for successful people. Who has time to make sure everything is done properly and you’re doing the best things with your wealth?

Our role is to help clients make better financial decisions and coordinate efforts between their professional advisors. This includes planning related to taxes, retirement, education, cash flow, debt management, estate transfer, investing, insurance, business exit planning and philanthropy.

We are fiduciaries who understand money doesn’t have to be complicated and anyone can make better financial decisions with the right advice.

Our History


In 1983 our founder became interested in the emerging financial planning profession and the idea of helping people organize their finances and make better financial decisions. Bob enrolled in the CFP program and joined a firm in Houston, TX where he began building his group of clients. At the time, the industry was entirely commission based so conflicts of interest were common. By 1993, frustration with these conflicts led Bob to launch Wise Counsel from the back porch of his rural home in Cypress, TX.

The name, Wise Counsel was inspired by the Bible. Wisdom is simply the proper application of knowledge and the Bible has 2,300 verses on money and wealth. No other topic is even close. Applying practical financial advice consistent with Biblical wisdom just seemed to make sense.

In 2016 we partnered with Carson Partners to give our clients access to the scale and resources of an over $15 billion firm. We are building a 100-year firm that is well known for offering trusted financial advice in Central Texas.

Our Approach

Effective Game Plan

Your financial plan is built around your goals and vision. As your life and financial situation change, we continually make adjustments to optimize the outcome.

Advice in Common Language

It’s no use explaining your financial plan if all we use is jargon. Our relationship is about keeping you informed in a conversational way.

Straightforward Fees

You should know what you’re paying your advisor and how those fees apply to your investments. We’ll explain our fee structure so you have confidence you’re receiving the value you deserve.