Robert W. Huntley


Founder & Wealth Advisor

(512) 869-3003

Robert W. Huntley My experience helps me understand what works vs. what sounds good in theory but should be avoided. It’s an important distinction. I also understand how your quality of life improves the more you keep things simple. Obviously someone in our line of work needs to be technically proficient. But it’s just as important to ask good questions and actively listen to the answers. You start there and build a plan around the client’s values. When you have both the practical wisdom that comes with experience combined with the technical skills, well now you have the makings of a truly valuable relationship with your Advisor. Combine that with a skilled and motivated team approach to serving all our clients and a set of resources as deep as we can offer and the value to our clients is significant.

I’ve served hundreds of families for more than thirty years helping them make a purposeful connection between their wealth and their values. I earned a finance degree from Texas State and hold professional designations as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Chartered Financial Consultant. In 2005 my first book was published: Retire is a VERB! It includes a forward by renowned retirement industry expert CPA, Ed Slott. I was born in Palestine, TX but grew up in Houston. Our family relocated to Georgetown TX in 2005.

I’ve always enjoyed learning and living an interesting life, surrounded by interesting people and places. I’d say my true passions are pursuing God, our family, growing in wisdom and understanding and building an excellent firm and legacy for our clients and family. I enjoy teaching and mentoring young people and staying healthy. My hobbies are hiking, fly fishing, checking out Austin live music, guitar and reading. I’ve recently taken up bird hunting and plan to get my pilot’s license in the next couple of years for recreational purposes.

Getting to know Robert

What’s your favorite food – A perfectly cooked Ribeye Steak. (medium rare)

Best piece of financial advice you received – How much is enough?

Favorite quote – Never pass up a chance to keep your mouth shut.

If I could meet anyone, past or present, it would be… – George Washington

Hidden talent/skills – Pretty decent guitar player

Favorite book – Understanding People, by Dr. Larry Crabb.

Favorite movie or TV show – Braveheart

What motivates you – Problem solving, searching for truth and sharing it with others.

Favorite holiday – Christmas

Name something on your bucket list – write a 2nd book to my kids & future grandkids.

Place you’d most like to visit – Israel

Biggest accomplishment – Successful marriage and raising three responsible young adults.