Trent Connor

Associate Wealth Advisor

Meet Trent

Trent Connor is an Associate Wealth Advisor based in Georgetown, Texas.

Trent’s favorite part of being an Associate Wealth Advisor is getting to know his clients’ stories and goals. He takes the time to understand their unique backgrounds and aspirations, using this insight to provide tailored, personalized advice.

A graduate of Southwestern University with a BA in business and a minor in economics, Trent discovered his passion for financial planning through various finance courses. He interned at Wise Counsel during his last semester and transitioned to a full-time role immediately after graduation. Initially working as a Relationship Manager, Trent gained comprehensive knowledge in all aspects of financial planning.

Outside of work, Trent enjoys spending time outdoors with his puppy, Snoop. He is an avid traveler and food enthusiast, always eager to explore new cuisines. Competitive by nature, Trent loves playing games and watching sports with friends and family.



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