10 No-Spend Activities to Try This Week

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Spending time with our friends and family, or taking time for our personal self-care, doesn’t have to cost much. We all love a great concert with our favorite musician or going out to try a new restaurant that a coworker told us about. However, there are times when we are challenging ourselves to reach a new savings goal or cut down on some lingering debt from a purchase. Our list of no-spend activities will get the ball rolling on ideas that are fun, thought-provoking, and entertaining without us pulling out our debit cards.

10 No-Spend Activities

  • Take a daily walk or hike a trail and bring your pup along.
  • Visit your local library or reread a favorite book.
  • Have a family or friend game night.
  • Camp in the backyard or go fishing (if you already have supplies).
  • Browse through old photos in your photo album.
  • Attend a free local event like our local Poppy Seed Festival or Georgetown Stroll.
  • Play your instrument for family or learn a new song.
  • Make a time capsule with your grandkids.
  • Learn a new language with free resources.
  • Volunteer at a local nonprofit or animal shelter.


Daily Walk

Excerpt by Bob Huntley CFP®, CHFC®, CKA®

Founder and Wealth Advisor


Without a doubt, my favorite ‘no spend’ activity is a 3–4-mile daily walk. There is something about moving while thinking that quickens the mind. And I’m not the only one. I’ve read many accounts of deep thinkers such as Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, and Steve Jobs, who found this productive. When I have a particularly good thought, I’ll record the essence of the idea on my phone and when I get back to my car, I’ll often scribble down a few thoughts in my spiral writing pad. Some of my best ideas have come while on these walks and they cost nothing beyond the time involved.


Board Games

Excerpt by Jasmine Cormier

Communications and Marketing Manager


I am always down to play games that either make me think, make me laugh, or make me do both.

My favorite no-spend activity is Heads Up! It’s a game I love to play at the dinner table or with friends that help us connect and let our competitive spirits out. When I am alone, I like to play Candy Crush or Cube Block. I think of these as ways to decompress or as a brain game that challenges my memory and keeps me sharp. The best thing is that there are many free games available for smartphones.


Hiking Trails

Excerpt by Sidney Meriweather CFP®

Associate Wealth Advisor


I love walking on the vast trails next to the San Gabriel River, hiking around Lake Georgetown, or biking along Lady Bird Lake. The best thing about these activities, is they’re free. Anytime I can be outdoors with people I love, and I don’t have to spend any money, that’s a great day in my book.


Our Wise Counsel team takes part in no-spend activities on a regular basis. Incorporating no-spend days or even a no-spend month is an excellent way to challenge your creativity and reset your current spending pattern to reflect new savings goals. Share a new no-spend idea with the team over on our LinkedIn page.

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