5 Books Wise Counsel are Loving Right Now – Part 1

By Your Wise Counsel Team

We all love a good book recommendation that’s been vetted by someone we trust. For me, I enjoy alternating between self-help and biographies with a thrilling fiction book to spark my imagination while I apply strategies. Maybe you enjoy the convenience of an audiobook while you commute or the quality time you receive by reading to your children and grandchildren.

The staff at Wise Counsel Wealth Management has compiled some of our best book nominations for you to read through this year. We’re more than just your Georgetown neighborhood financial advisors.


The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel

Review by Sidney Meriweather, CFP®

Associate Wealth Advisor

How we were raised, what we believe, who we spend time with, and what we want to accomplish are just a few of many areas that affect the way we view, invest, spend, budget, and save our money. Behavioral Finance is an area of our industry that has grown in popularity and study over the last 20 years and for good reason. As an advisor, if you can understand not just WHAT needs to be done with someone’s money, but HOW to motivate them to do it, that’s a huge accomplishment.

One of the best books I read in 2021 was The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel, and he discussed exactly this area and gave me a deeper insight into the psychology behind human motivations around money. Each chapter can be read independently from the others because they’re each addressing just one of many issues that people face when it comes to making wise financial decisions.

After I closed the last page of this book, I immediately ordered a copy and shipped it across the country to my brother. I felt like the importance of the lessons taught in this book like, “Enough is realizing that the opposite-an insatiable appetite for more-will push you to the point of regret” is a lesson that when learned young, can help us control our desire to “keep up with the Joneses.”

There are thought-provoking ideas and wisdom that Morgan Housel displays in this book around investing, savings, budgeting, and goal-setting that are worth anyone taking the time to learn or remind themselves of. I’d recommend giving The Psychology of Money are read in the coming year.


LEGENDBORN by Tracy Deonn

Review by Jasmine Cormier

Communications and Marketing Manager

For fans of things that go “bump” in the night the storyline of LEGENDBORN, features King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, Secret Societies, and college campuses.

I had fun reading through this book. I’m usually rather good at guessing story plots and twists, however, the authoress Tracy Deonn had me completely stumped many times. No matter what my age is, or yours, enjoy this folklore piece in a modern setting.


The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley

Review by Trent Connor

Relationship Manager

I am currently reading the book The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley. I love how the book illustrates the importance of being conscious of your spending habits and living below your means, especially while you are young.

Stanley does a great job of giving formulas to keep yourself on the right track on the path to retirement. I have enjoyed this book because I am at the point in my life where it is time for me to begin making important financial decisions for the future and this book gives great advice regarding those decisions.


Honorable Mentions

provided by Robert W. Huntley, CFP®, Founder and Wealth Advisor:

Five People You’ll Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom is an engaging narrative reminding us that people and events are connected in infinite ways.

Hero on a Mission by Don Miller inspires you to see your life as a narrative that helps you experience greater meaning and purpose.


Head on over to our Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn page to let us know what books you’ve enjoyed recently, we’d love to hear your thoughts. We’ll be bringing you part 2 of our blog series next week.

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