How to have Joy

Written by Jasmine Cormier, Communications and Marketing Manager

I recently went on vacation in the Bahamas. It is such a beautiful country. With clear blue waters and rhythmic music playing everywhere around the island. No one seemed to be in a rush and with sunny skies and weather in the mid-’70s, I didn’t want to be in a rush either. “If you carry joy in your heart, you can heal any moment,” said beautifully from the musician Carlos Santana. I have expressed some joy and travel tips below that can be used now to add some positivity to your day.

As we checked in to our hotel the staff let us know that “things may not come when you want them, but they are worth the wait.” That was the truth! Our food and drinks did not always come out quickly, but the taste and consistency were delightful. Can you think of something that you waited a long time for but when it came it was pleasurable? That’s one way for Joy to enter your life. The unexpected delivery of a known or unknown desire came with more than a quick smile, but with a feeling of gratitude that you can look back to.

Another action item I aim for on every international or domestic trip is to take a mental snapshot. This mental snapshot is the one picture I associate with the location I visited. For the Bahamas, that picture is my partner and I swinging on the edge of the shoreline. Water spanning as far as my eyes could see. Ocean breeze whisking across my skin and flowing through my hair. Smelling and tasting the fresh, organic fried fish on my lips. Slowing down and actively saying to myself, this is the moment I want to remember forever allows me to be present in my family’s and my own life. Presence is a present we can give to ourselves aiding in our mission of joy.

Lastly, one thing I’ve never regretted from an excursion is the money I paid to explore the world. I can find joy in the satisfaction of knowing that I used wise financial planning to cover the costs. Once I’m on vacation I do not worry about the money spent because I use the advice that contributed to an expressed financial goal. We have enough stressors in life and one we can get help and strategy for happens to be smart or better financial planning. Less stress does not always mean more joy, in this case, it does mean more happiness and more fun.

Integrate one or all three expressions of joyfulness into your life. I’d love to know where you get your wise counsel from that helps you fill up your joy cup. With Covid-19 still present you may not be traveling. This bonus joy tip is to embrace and hug a loved one. That gives me a warm feeling similar to the island sun.  Pour some knowledge over my way and comment on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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