Extra, Extra: I’ve Been in a Movie

Published by Annah Tucker, Director of Operations

More fun facts about yours truly…

Over ten years ago I moved to Austin, Texas from a small town and was able to find a job at a financial firm just northeast of downtown.  The office building was literally something out of a movie: big floor to ceiling windows which also lit up the inside of the building with beautiful natural light.

In May 2008, our office was approached by a movie producer to use our office for a scene in a movie that was being shot in Austin.  So, we shut down the office for a day and got to see a sneak peek behind the scenes of this movie and some of us got to be extras.

The movie is a dark comedy about three women who meet in anger-management class and decide to form a business together.  It premiered at South by Southwest Film Festival in March 2009.

The of the movie is “ExTerminators” and some of the stars of the film are Heather Graham, Jennifer Coolidge, Amber Heard, and Glenn Morshower.  For the scene in our office, Heather Graham’s character was getting fired by her boss, Glenn Morshower’s character.

I got to be one of the extras walking into the building before Heather’s character walks in.  We got to meet them both, Heather being much taller in person and Glenn was probably one of the nicest people you will ever meet.

Morshower in my office!

He came into our office and spent a little time with us asking questions about us.  It was a very cool experience for a young twenty-something year old and a memory that I will always remember.

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